Saturday, June 18, 2011

Snow, snow, snow! Wow, there is a lot of snow in the Sierras! Ha, hey guys I'm now in Bishop, CA. As usual, nothing has really gone as planned this last week, since I left Kennedy Meadows. Record snowfall this year has really made hiking through the highest elevations of the PCT very tough. I've spent countless hours sliding on hard snow, postholing through soft snow, walking over unstable ice bridges, fording through raging creeks, lost on snow covered trail, and many other terrifying situations. Unfortunately, due to treacherous conditions, I was unable to climb Mt Whitney. I did try, but had to turn back when I no longer felt safe. Bummer, but I did make it across Forester Pass (13,180 ft) yesterday, the highest point on the PCT. Very scary and exciting. Look forward to a full blog update tomorrow and maybe some new pics. Thanks guys!

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  1. Hi Cody (HeadBanger),
    Forth most-- YOOOO-HOOOO!!!! Congratulations on your trail miles as of date! You all are in Central California! We all missed hearing more from you while you were at Bishop. We could only imagine the many deterred factors. Hearing from my son- HappyWhale and reading and even seeing some video footage of what you all had just emerged from was mind-boggling and staggering.
    Cody, Continued wishes to you for the utmost of health and safety to the very end (Canada)!
    ~HappyWhale’s Mom

  2. Cody, It was good to hear from you when you were in Bishop. Hopefully you will get a chance to update your blog in VVR. Everybody is asking how you are doing. From reading your blog and others posts, it sounds like you guys are having an unbelievable ordeal this year. This is obviously not your average year on the PCT!!!

    You guys all BE SAFE, watch out for each other and have a great trek!

    We look forward to hearing from you soon.


  3. I called Varmilion Valley Resort tonight to see if Headbanger had checked in, and to my surprise they had just checked in and the lady handed him the phone. He said that it was probably good I called because he has no way to call out, no phone service except the office phone, and no computer access.
    Headbanger said that it has been very hard hiking, through deep soft snow, and fording deep and swift creeks and rivers due to all the snow melt.
    He said that they will be in Mammoth in 3 to 4 days and hopefully he will be able to update his blog at that thime!
    (He is currently at mile 875)


  4. Thank you dearly for posting the update. This gives me some calm of my nerves. What a treat with the timing! I believe my son HappyWhale is hiking with him. Understandably, our communication is constrained although it doesn’t make this none the less any easier for family and friends.
    I hope to meet up with my son in either Mammoth or Tahoe. This would be a 5 hour car trip to Mammoth. I have the homemade goodies ready to go.
    If so, looking forward in meeting Cody!
    ~HappyWhale’s Mom

  5. Cody's Facebook post from about an hour ago;

    Cody Sherrodd
    Camped just a few miles outside Mammoth, CA! After snow covered mountain passes and raging river crossings, I just passed mile 900 today! 1000 miles is coming up!!!