Saturday, September 10, 2011

No goats, but lots of rocks...

Hey followers, this time I'm coming to you from White Pass Ski Area in WA. My dad came out to meet me here for the weekend and ended doing some trail magic. Last night we sat around eating great food with Balls, Sunshine, HalfFast, RedBlaze, Scouts Honor, and Cricket. It's been a good time, but I can't stay long, gotta move on.

Two days ago we entered the the Goat Rocks Wilderness, WOW! It was almost like being in the rugged high Sierras again, however with a very lush-green Cascades feel. The scenery was absolutely amazing, with Mt Adams behind us and Mt Rainier in front of us. The trail followed the top of a ridgeline for just a few miles, across very loose rock, with steep drop-offs on either side. I kind of felt like a mountain goat walking along that path, perched up above jagged rock and steep snow slopes. It's a hard call to make, but I think I must say this was my favorite stretch of trail thus-far on the trip. So awesome!

When I left Cascade Locks, I spent the first night alone, and then ran into Scouts Honor and Cricket the second day out. I've had a great time spending the week with these guys, through the longest stretch in WA. The mosquitoes have begun to die out, however the black flies have been biting and annoying. We went through the Mt Adams wilderness and skirted the base of the huge volcano for a few days, which provided classic North Cascades scenery with beautiful green meadows and abundant wildflowers everywhere.

So next stop will be Snoqualmie Pass, a little less than 100 miles away. This trip is winding down as I get closer to the Canadian border, my goal since the beginning. Although this has really been the adventure of a lifetime, I'm tired of walking. I love this trail and it has taught me so much about nature, people, and myself, but I'm ready to come home. There's no doubt I will miss the social aspect of the trail, the amazing people I've met and spent time with. Something about the thru-hiker culture can really make you feel at home on the trail. The people on trail are genuinely good-people and I've made some awesome friends that will go back to various places all across the world, and I will miss them dearly. Thru-hikers are a special breed, I love you guys!


  1. Hey Cody, I am gald all is well with you. It's nice your Old Man got to visit with you. I know you guys had talked about hiking a ways together, but I think that would kill a mortal. I would not want to attempt to keep up with you.
    We are looking forward to seeing you, and hearing your stories.
    Be safe.

  2. Hi Cody,
    I must start by congratulating you on your voluminous trail miles you have trudged! I am sincerely astonished by you all PCT hikers and agree you’re all extremely unique.
    HappyWhale is a few short days behind you and is having the same experience of valuing the expedition though fatigued.
    Cody- I am a devoted follower of yours and I am keeping you in my wishes and prayers for continued memoirs, harmony, guidance and safety to our neighboring country.
    ~Mama HappyWhale

  3. Banger,
    It was very good to see you this weekend. You look great, and I know you will finish strong! It was also an honor to meet many of your hiking comrades. You are an honorable group of individuals and I admire you and all of the thru-hikers (even though you all sure smell bad after being on the trail for a week, thank goodness for soap and showers!!!).

    After this weekend, I can completely understand why trail angels do what they do. PCT thru hikers are such good people, and the most gratefull group of individuals I believe I will ever meet.

    Love ya, Dad

  4. Cody,

    Great! Good to know you're that far and that your dad could spend a day with you! See you later!

    Lots of love and prayers, Gram Anne

  5. Cody,
    This is all so amazing! You are not so far from us at this time. What an incredible journey from the southern border of California to here and then the Canadian border. I wish you safety and a wonderful finish for this adventure. Lots of love,

  6. What an amazing journey you have been on! It has been quite the adventure for you and your fellow hikers. I have enjoyed keeping up with your posts and pictures. Thanks for sharing with all of us. Good luck and stay safe on on the last leg of your expedition. We all can't wait to see you at Cassie's wedding. :)