Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Greetings from Seattle followers! I made it to Snoqualmie Pass and Cricket's aunt picked us up and took us back to her place to eat, shower, and do laundry. So incredibly awesome, thanks Boo! We've had great weather all week, right up until we got into overcast and slightly rainy Seattle ha, classic! Spent all week hiking with Cricket and sometimes with Balls and Sunshine. Unfortunately in this last section, we spent quite a bit of time walking through clear cuts, which are visually displeasing and very hot due to the lack of shade. However, the trail magic has made it so much better! My dad at White Pass, sodas from Shrek at Chinook Pass, donuts and soda from Magic Man on a logging road, chili dogs from Not-Phil's Dad on a forest road, and a random soda cache cooler before Snoqualmie! Finally Cricket's aunt to top it all off, trail angels are so awesome! So just two more stops till
Canada, Skykomish and then Stehekin. Looking forward to the Dinsmores in Skykomish, just 4 days away!

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  1. Sounds like the trail magic has been good! The end goal is almost within sight. It will be good to see you. I am glad all is well with you now and it has become pretty routine. It is hard for me to imagine the miles you put on daily.
    Walk on dude.